KBIF benefits the minister and it also benefits the congregation that member ministers serve. It benefits the minister by

Helping them to establish meaningful covenant relationships with like minded leaders.

Providing resources to the ministers to enhance their personal life and ministry.

Providing a sense of covering and accountability.

Providing for the rejuvenation and refreshing of battle weary leaders.

Giving each member minister a sense of connection to a larger family KBIF and a worldwide vision.



Annual Conferences KBIF sponsors annual conferences in the U.S. and around the world for the purpose of developing and deepening a broad base of relationships, inspiring vision, and bringing refreshing to pastors and leaders.

Newsletter The Kingdom Tablet. KBIF will produce a newsletter to touch the congregations of members pastor with the spirit and vision of KBIF, to help reinforce the message of member pastors and to give churches a sense of connection to other churches of like faith.

Apostolic Assistance KBIF is organized in such a way as to provide "hands on" assistance, consultation and care to pastors and church leaders who request it. While KBIF can in no way dictate to any situation, they a can be a valuable resource to pastors when an "outside" perspective is needed.

Equipping Seminars KBIF sponsors periodic seminars aimed at further equipping the pastors to be all that he or she can be. Many pastors either have never had the opportunity for formal training or they fell their training was inadequate to the task.

Communication Network KBIF seeks to facilitate communication between members within the KBIF through the means of an "800" number (U.S./Canada only), an interactive Web Site and national and regional organization.


  • Consultative services
    Ministry needs assessment
    501-C3 filing assistance
    Vision implementation workshops
    Five-Fold Ministry workshops
    Spiritual counsel
    Social counsel
    Leadership training
    Apostolic covering
    Organization and ecclesiastical order and structure
    Administrative and departmental structure assistance
    Workshop facilitation
    School for Ministers (Classroom and Online)
    "Birthing a Ministry" workshops
    Legal and Risk Management

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