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Strengthening Churches for Mission

Local congregations are where ministry happens: The message of Jesus is proclaimed, lives are changed, and people are discipled and equipped to be witnesses within their communities.

The Kingdom Builder's International Fellowship, Inc. is committed to seeing our churches healthy, effective and growing. We provide a number of programs and services through our various committees for this end, and we are looking for more ways to accomplish this in the future.

Churches face many challenges today. Christianity no longer enjoys its broad, favored position within society, especially in the Pacific Northwest. Yet, the message of Jesus Christ is as important and relevant as ever. It is critical, however, that churches engage the culture around them with the purpose of bringing about transformation. Deliberate steps must be taken to insure that the mission of the church is not overshadowed by peripheral activities or programs.

Call the Kingdom Builder's International Fellowship National Office to learn how we can assist your church in fulfilling God's mission in the area in which you are located.

Strengthening Leaders for Mission

Leaders have a tremendous responsibility to enable the church to carry out its God-given mission. But, leaders need to be developed and supported.

The KBIF, Inc. recognizes the value of leadership and is working to enhance this key dimension of the church, both among career ministers and laity.

Leadership in the church does not happen automatically. It is the result of the Holy Spirit's gifting and an individual's active participation within the church community. Leaders require training, mentoring and support. And, it is vital that are part of accountable relationships.

Contact the KBIF, Inc. National Office to learn how we can assist you or the leaders in your church to minister more effectively as part of the mission to which God has called us.

Financial Freedom

For Pastors and Members Only

A resource available to KBIF, Inc. Pastors offers financial seminars where believers learn principles and practices that lead to a life of abundance through obedience to God's principles. Your congregation will gain biblical perspectives about stewardship and practical money management. Your members will be encouraged to fulfill God's destiny in their lives by developing the characteristics of faithful stewards. They will be inspired with a vision and prepared to progress towards financial freedom.

Following this in depth seminar, participants may schedule a confidential session to assist them in developing their personal action plan for financial freedom. Our ongoing counseling, accountability, resources and prayer will be available to support them throughout the journey until their individual financial goals are achieved!

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